Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Impact of Technology on Child Development

I became interested in how, with society's large focus on technology, it is impacting child adolescence. I met with an expert and we discussed the increase in cyberbullying and the change in their interaction with each other.

The basis of the research project is an interest in the development of young kids with all of their technology these days. Rather than playing in the neighborhood until the street lights come on, there seems to be a trend on staying in and talking on cell phones (of which are iPhones). So are kids being bullied for not having the most recent technology? Or if they have it, do they get bullied via it because children don't know how to use it correctly? And is all of this "mature technology" that they are using advancing their social skills or regressing it?

Thoughts on Cyberbully
Is it the new 'being shoved in a locker'?

Are Children More Mentally Advanced?
Is it really a thirteen going on thirty situation these days?

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